Experiment 3

Courage and


Change is inevitable. Sometimes changes in our lives occur that are predictable while others are surprisingly random. Women can be seen as the foundation, the part of family world that remains the same. However, life throws curve balls like deaths, divorces, displacement, illness, and injury. Even common life transitions such as going to college, changing jobs, getting married, and having children significantly affect the way we go about our daily routines. Sometimes we choose needed separations and at other times, natural endings are imposed on us. Change does not always lead to bigger and better opportunities. There are things in life cannot be changed.

Regardless of circumstance, life continues to move forward as old patterns collapse and new routines form. In a crisis, it can feel as though our world is unreal and stresses can become overwhelming. Sudden changes in our personal life can cause emotional overload and feelings of helplessness. These feelings of overload can be crippling and make it difficult to move forward. In these moments, sometimes the smallest positive change can have transformative impact.

The transitions we face throughout life transcend national boundaries and unite our human experience. We can leverage our past experiences to help the next generation stand a better chance of adapting to a rapidly changing world. As we mature, we may view the world differently than what we once thought, which may even effect the way that we view the past.