Experiment 4

Finding Your


Finding purpose in this fluid world is exciting and scary, but we are seeing an increase across the globe for people to find meaning and purpose in what we do. We think this is particularly relevant for millennials. With the world of work in a state of change and the emerging appetite to work with flexibility, we believe we are all being granted the opportunity to integrate what is important in our life with our work. Being brave enough to get clear about what matters most to you can be a challenge so as we conduct this experiment we hope it helps you find some clarity about your true direction which will bring love, light and laughter to your world.

Both of us have had experiences where we have put purpose at the center of what we do and not only has it ignited an amazing fire in us to achieve, when you share a purpose with colleagues or others around you its extraordinary what can be achieved from the collective. It is the most bold and brave ideas that will solve the world’s biggest social issues so finding purpose will help the balancing all of our responsibilities in life.

There will be moments in life for all of us when we look out a window and vow never to return, or moments of genius when we have such clarity about why something matters and become overrun with a need and responsibility to do something with it, in these moments we find purpose. It is in the actions that we then take with the connection of the head and heart that magic is made.